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Thank you for signing up for our newsletter. The decision to add a pool or spa to your home is an important one. We understand that it takes time to feel comfortable before you make your purchase, and we are here to help you along every step of the way.

Fred von Lewinski started Charlottesville Aquatics in 1973 while obtaining his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia.

With roots in Nova Scotia Canada, Fred had spent every summer from age 5-17 at a camp on the Digby Neck of Nova Scotia. While there, Fred enjoyed mild summers that included swimming in the Bay of Fundy, which maintains a constant water temperature of around 44 °F, or swimming in the camp pool, which was emptied and filled periodically using water from the Bay.

These refreshing summers made a lasting impression on Fred, and once he returned to his home in Northern Virginia, he decided to become a lifeguard and managed pools in the Washington, DC area.

While at UVA, Fred originally set out to begin a pool management company in the Charlottesville area but soon decided to utilize his talents in pool maintenance and repair.  It was not uncommon to see him transporting large filter tanks in the back seat of his convertible.

Fred graduated from the University in 1976. Upon his graduation, he continued his pool service and repair company until 1977 when he built his first pool for a UVA professor who decided to give Fred a chance. The first pool that he built was the first pool that he had ever seen being built. Indicative of his future success, this pool won a design award!

As a natural extension to swimming pools, in 1985 Charlottesville Aquatics became a dealer of Hot Spring Spas after being recognized by one of the founders of Watkins Manufacturing at a swimming pool design awards ceremony. Fred sold the first Hot Spring Spa in Charlottesville by showing a photo in a brochure to a customer.

Today, Charlottesville Aquatics is nationally renowned as an elite pool builder, part of the (United Aqua Group (formerly Aquatech Society) of pool building professionals. We also feature spas manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing (now Watkins Wellness), with whom we have had a loyal relationship for decades. Today, some of the same customers are still with us who have been with us since those early years when Fred was in college.

We also carry Brunswick billiards tables and games, which allows us to help you create a complete recreation tailored to your interests.

Becoming the owner of a pool or a spa is a lifestyle, not just a luxury, and we want you to feel completely comfortable as you make your decision.

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