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Pool & Hot Tub Service Requests

We want to make owning a pool or a spa an easy, pleasant experience for you.


We offer full service options for your pool or spa, AND we also offer assistance for the “do-it-yourselfer.”

It’s our pleasure to help you whatever way you choose, to make your pool or spa the place where you want to be.


Service Department Hours:

Monday – Friday
8’o clock am – 4:30 pm for phone calls
10am – 4:30pm for in-store
(434) 973-7433

Pool & Hot Tub Service Requests

  • POOL MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)

    Enjoy your pool without having to do all the maintenance work on it. Let us take care of it for you. We have flexible programs to fit your specific needs and budget. Our maintenance technicians will perform the following services on every visit.

    • Check water level – fill or drain as needed
    • Empty all skimmer & pump baskets
    • Brush tile and water line
    • Leaf-skim water surface
    • Leaf-rake pool bottom for leaves & debris
    • Brush & vacuum pool
    • Test water chemistry & balance as needed
    • Backwash filter
    • Check all equipment operation

    Start your pool season off the right way – with a clean, clear and inviting swimming pool. Our pool professionals will have your pool up and running a just a few days. Our pool openings include the following procedures:

    • Remove water & debris from winter cover
    • Remove cover, fold & store
    • Leaf-skim debris from pool surface
    • Re-install pool equipment & hardware
    • Re-assemble filter equipment
    • Start up filter system
    • Shock pool water
    • Vacuum & brush pool

    Closing your pool properly is very important to the operation and overall life expectancy of the pool. Improperly winterized pools can result in frozen and cracked plumbing, filters, pumps and heaters. To ensure that your pool is properly closed and winterized, let us close it for you. Our pool closings include the following procedures:

    • Lower water level to appropriate winter level
    • Vacuum & brush pool
    • Remove pool hardware & accessories (diving board, ladder, handrails)
    • Drain all filter equipment
    • Blow out all suction & return lines and install winter plugs
    • Shock pool
    • Install winter cover
  • POOL DRAIN & CLEAN (Acid Wash)

    Over time, plaster pools can become stained from dirt, decayed leaves, and other debris that decomposes in the water and settles to the bottom. If your pool has unsightly stains, consider having it professionally cleaned by us. Acid washing includes the following:

    • Drain pool completely
    • Scrub walls, floor & tile with muriatic acid solution
    • Rinse entire pool thoroughly
    • Re-fill pool (trucked-in water charge not included in pricing)
    • Balance water chemistry

    Our popular “Winter Watch” program is a great way to keep your pool safe and sound throughout the winter months. We will visit your pool once a month for 3 consecutive months (January, February and March), and perform the following services and inspections:

    • Remove all debris from winter cover
    • Check water level – pump down if needed
    • Inspect all filter equipment
    • Inspect all cover straps – adjust & tighten as needed
    • Inspect cover for any damage
    • Add 2 gallons of liquid shock
  • SPA MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)

    Because a spa is a relatively small body of water and is used by varying numbers of people, regular maintenance is very important in maintaining proper chemical balance, sanitization, and overall cleanliness of the spa. Enjoy your spa without having to worry about all the maintenance chores. We have flexible programs to fit your specific needs and budget. Our maintenance technicians will perform the following services on every visit.

    • Check water level – fill as needed
    • Test water chemistry & balance as needed
    • Clean water line & filter compartment area
    • Vacuum spa if needed
    • Check for leaks in equipment area
    • Check all equipment & jet operation
    • Check topside control functions
    • Check cover & lifter assembly

    It’s important to drain and clean your spa on a regular basis. Most spa manufacturers recommend this service about every 3 months. It’s not always a priority in a busy life, so let us take care of it for you. Our drain and clean service includes the following:

    • Drain spa completely
    • Vacuum out any dirt
    • Clean & wipe down all surfaces
    • Clean filter cartridge
    • Clean all jet orifices
    • Re-fill with fresh water
    • Check all equipment & jet operation
    • Shock water & balance chemicals

    Whether you’re buying a house or selling a house, having the pool and/or spa inspected is always a good idea. As a buyer, you don’t want to be surprised with a pool that needs major repair work done to it. As a seller, you don’t want the buyer coming back to you expecting you to pay for problems that weren’t disclosed during the sale. Our inspections are complete and can uncover potential issues that may need attention immediately, or in the near future. Our inspections include the following:

    • Inspect gunite pool shell for any cracking or plaster damage
    • Inspect gunite pool tile & grouting
    • Inspect vinyl liners for holes, tears & deterioration
    • Inspect steps, ladders & handrails
    • Inspect decking & coping
    • Inspect all filter equipment, piping & valves
    • Inspect operation of filter, pump, heater and all other related equipment
    • Inspect chemical feeders, time clocks & automatic cleaning equipment

    Nothing lasts forever, and that includes pool equipment. Whether you’re needing to replace old, broken or worn-out equipment, or just interested in upgrading your current system with a new product, let our experienced technicians get the job done right. We specialize in the sale and installation of the following products:

    • Pumps
    • Filters
    • Heaters
    • Auto Chlorinators
    • Salt Systems
    • Auto Cleaners
    • Solar Covers
(434) 973-7433