Combining rugged charm with an industrial, loft-style look makes the Birmingham a perfect choice for modern game rooms in need of a vintage touch. Featuring a distressed, rough-hewn finish with a cast iron decorative pedestal and turnbuckle stretcher element, the Birmingham is stylish and rustic down to the last detail.


Primary Specs
Size 8 ft.
Finish Charcoal
Pockets As Shown
Legs As Shown
Slate 1"
Color Brunswick Green
Cloth Type Contender Woolen Cloth


Table Specifications

Table size: 8 ft.

9 ft.

Finish Available: Charcoal
Leg Options: Unique


Rail Sights: Hand-hammered
Pocket: Enclosed

Measurements and Weight

Table Size: 8ft. 9ft.
Length: 102″ 114″
Width: 58″ 64″
Leg Center Length: 67 1/4″ 79 1/4″
Leg Center Width: 40 1/8″ 46 1/8″

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